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Became a witness of the incident?
Shoot a video via Mymobstr.
Send your videos directly to TV channels and get money.

The most interesting things are happening around us every day...


... Capture it on your mobile and earn!

Being a journalist with Mymobstr is easy! If you see something interesting, and it could be breaking news, turn your camera on and shoot! If your video is really exciting for the viewer, it would be also valuable for TV channels, who would pay for it!

Capture it: shoot, record, broadcast!

  • Live Streaming
    Live Streaming
  • Recording Video
    Recording Video
  • Shooting Photo
    Shooting Photo
  • Uploading Media
    Uploading Media

Mymobstr enables each user to shoot an unlimited number of videos daily!

In addition, you can stream video or take photos on your phone for requests from TV channels.

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Start using Mymobstr now & earn money with your phone everywhere!