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Videos, shot on mobile phones, and real-time videos recently became the fastest and easiest way to get information. Such videos we watch on TV, on the Internet, and often they are the only source to see what is happening.

Mymobstr is the platform for selling video to media companies, allowing to get video/photo from the thick of things from witnesses or on demand. In other words, Mymobstr is an intermediary between the streamers and media companies, who wish to get the necessary material.

Mymobstr for streamers.

To become a streamer and start earning for shooting materials you just have to download the app to your smartphone (Android or iOS) and register.

Thus, you get the ability to shoot video on demand, or on your own — for sale. Interesting incidents, protests, concerts etc can be the subjects of shooting.

The key here is demand and efficiency.

Mymobstr for media companies and TV channels.

Broadcasting companies can choose footage from storylines, grouped by location, time or event. In addition, the service allows to create request for footage from any place by specifying the price of the photo/video materials and location.

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