Mymobstr Privacy Statement

Mymobstr is the easiest way to capture photo, video, create live streams and sell them to TV and Media. The following describes practices that are specific to Mymobstr.

When you stream a video, your broadcast is public by default. This includes the metadata provided with your broadcast, such as when and where you broadcast. When you watch others’ broadcasts, information regarding when you watched the video (for example, either live or on replay) and any comments you make on the video is also public. The recording of the live stream available after broadcast finished. It could be deleted or saved by moderator any time. If the recording contains inappropriate scenes it would be deleted immediately event if it is still live. If you want to delete your stream recording you can request this operation in Help Chat or write an email to

When you capture footages (for example, video or photo) and upload them, moderator checks materials and if everything is ok allows them to sell in stock. If something wrong, moderator may ask you to add more info in footage’s chat. This chat is private, but moderator can use your comments related to footage in common description, which can be sold only with this footage to TV and Media. After you upload footages they will be removed from your devices and remains on Mymobstr servers maximum for two weeks or until buyed out in first week. After first week it will be possible to download materials from the website. After second week all video, photo and live stream from this footage would be deleted automatically from Mymobstr servers.

You have to create an account to watch public free streams on our website or mobile app.

If you choose to create or update an account, you may provide some personal information, such as your profile information, user name, password and email address. Your username on Mymobstr is publicly available. You may choose to sign up for Mymobstr through another service, such as Google or Facebook, and use information from that service to create your Mymobstr profile.

We use and store information about your location to provide features of our Services, such as streaming from your location or in footages, and to improve and customize the Services. We may infer your location based on information from your device. If you have turned on location services for Mymobstr, we may share your precise location of your video or photos.

We may revise this Privacy Statement from time to time.
The most current version of this Statement will always be at